Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can by kindly confirming and signing the Self-declaration form, which is available on Gofreelance application too.

You may work as an independent freelancer with that company and from that company’s premises in the free zone.

If you are making a revenue between AED 187,500 per year and AED 375,000 per year then you may register for VAT voluntarily. If you are receiving a revenue of AED 375,000 per year and above, you must register for VAT. For more information, please visit

No, please note that currently financial reporting/audit is not required for freelancers, however the freelance community will be notified in case changes arise.

Please note that a freelancer cannot hire or sponsor employees, however, the freelancer can sponsor family members (wife and children) as per Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) procedures.

The Licence is valid for one year and renewable on an annual basis.  

No. The freelance Licence is issued under the personal name of the (as written on your passport) freelancer only.

The cheques will have your name, and all the transactions will be carried out under your name (as shown on your passport) only.

For any assistance, please contact the call center on 800 4297.

The available freelance activities under Gofreelancer are categorized as per the following industries: Tech, Design, Media and Education activities. For the complete list of activities, please click here.

No, the above fees cover the Licence fee only.

The processing timeframe will range from 5 to 10 working days.

To apply, click here and fill in your details with the following documents:

For media activities:

  • Application Form
  • Passport copy  
  • Visa copy (if you are applying from within the UAE)
  • Portfolio or sample of work (online link or PDF)
For tech activities:
  • Application Form
  • Passport copy  
  • Visa copy (if you are applying from within the UAE)
For education activities:
  • Application Form
  • Passport copy  
  • Visa copy (if you are applying from within the UAE)
  • Credentials and certificates

There are several payment methods:

  • Cash – by visiting the cash counters.
  • Credit card online
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer (the details will appear on AXS portal)

  1. Yes. As required by the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD), you will need to apply for an establishment card first which costs AED 2,000 (Renewable annually).
  2. You may apply for the employment visa for one-year (4,600 AED) or two-years (5,042 AED)
  3. For health insurance queries, please feel free to contact AXS support team on 8004297.

The Salary Certificate might be required to establish a bank account  or required by other authorities within UAE. To obtain the salary certificate, please apply through AXS portal, accordingly a fixed salary certificate will be issued with a declaration of maximum 10,000 AED/month.

It is not necessary to deposit the same amount into your bank account.

The co-working space is available 24x7.

Yes, please note that our communities run networking events regularly . You will be notified by receiving an email about the organized event.

Gofreelance fees are non-refundable.